Clever Crew

“Come as a client
Stay as a family”

— CleverCrew, your software development partner

Who we are

Not just another
IT company

We actually CARE about your business, as it’s our own.

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Who we are

1 crew

1 mission

30 devs

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Our values

Building long-
term relations

Building mutually beneficial relationships by keeping lines
of communication open is key, and honesty is the best
policy. Come as clients, stay as a family - that's how
we mean "long-term relationship''

Our values


Our core competence is business transformation. We know
all about detuning from competitors, finding insights and
"wishes" of consumers, as a result creating a unique value
for your business and increase conversions

Our values

and transparency

So, again competence and transparency should
go hand in hand. We free you from incompetence,
stupidity, missed deadlines, and nerves

Our values


We’re a web dev team with 30+ engineers
& marketers and a love for everything digital.
Except for bad user experiences…
so we fight with a passion

What we do

A hyperloop
from your idea
to release

Our team has delivered dozens of projects. We have
scrutinized the patterns of user behavior and achieved
efficient problem-solving mindsets. This is especially
indispensable for today's uncertain times

What we like

Fav skills













How we work

Step 1.
Kickoff meeting & Discovery

Our kickoff meeting ensures your project gets started on the right
track. At this stage, we dive into your desires. At the end of this
stage, we'll scope out your project and prepare a detailed proposal
and a rough project timeline

How we work

Step 2.
Research &

During this phase, it is important to visualize what type of people
your product is going to be catering to; who are your competitors;
finding what your potential client's insights are. The deep analysis
will form the basis of the dev strategy of your future product. This
is a fundamental part of work most web devs skip

How we work

Step 3.

This is the phase where the complex tasks are divided and
subdivided into simpler tasks. This requires thoughtful planning
and estimation of requirements like time, resources, and skills
needed to complete the task

How we work

Step 4.
Structure &

First of all, we create product architecture. Sections, pages,
emotional components, UI/UX. We design it based on your brand colors and the apps you like.

How we work

Step 5.
Dev & QA

Considering the strategy and structure, a development
team with bulletproof tech skills develops the product. A dedicated Quality Assurance Engineer
will make sure that no bugs are left.

How we work

Step 6. Launch and
post-launch support/

The release is only the first step in a long journey
ahead of us. Now, our focus on long-termed relations
kicks in: we will help your product to grow further

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You grow your business, we’ll do code.

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